Nothing Hates You
no really, he does

Boy In The Corner || Middle School Years

It was three hours into Middle-School, and Patrick absolutely hated it. Not only was it a new school, but a new state. His dad had just gotten married to Sharon, and he got a sister out of it, as well. At least he had a friend through this. But Sam didn’t have all the same classes with him. In fact, he only had two with her. English and Geography, which was 2nd and 7th period. They’d get to sit together at lunch, too. 

Nonetheless, he was trying to be friendly. Bright grin stretched over his face as he’d sit down in the desks that always felt too small for his tall body. Woodshop was a class he could perhaps grow to like. The idea of making something large and intricate a nice image in his head. 

He sat at the back table, next to another guy who he hadn’t seen before. “Hey,” he piped. “I’m Patrick.”